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HITEC, the high impact strength, high density Polyethylene from Compression Polymers. In addition, HITEC has excellent abrasion resistance, tensile strength, energy absorption, and resistance to stress cracks.

HITEC is available in sheet, rod, bar, and slab stock. Specially designed shapes are available for specific jobs. Quality controlled ingredients are precision blended to maximize the wide range of properties of HITEC including its self-lubricating paraffin like surface characteristics.


HITEC has proven characteristics of high impact strengths, abrasion resistance, self-lubricating and is completely water-repellent.

• Business Machine Parts
• Rotors and Blades
• Rotors and Blades
• Guilds & Wear Plates
• Roll Stand Bearings
• Cams, Washers, Shims
• Nuclear Storage Containers
• Packing/Rings in Chemical Applications
• Skids and Deflector Plates
• Low Speed Bearings
• Tank, Chute and Bin Linings
• Laboratory Vessels

Resistance Characteristics - top

Abrasion -- The extremely high molecular weight of HITEC combined with its very low coefficient of friction provides an excellent abrasion resistant product preventing gouging, scuffing, and scraping

Impact -- HITEC is one of the highest impact resistant thermoplastics available and maintains excellent machinability and self-lubricating characteristics.  Properties are maintained even at extremely low temperatures

Chemical -- HITEC has very good chemical resistance of corrosives as well as stress cracking resistance (With the exception of strong oxidizing acids at elevated temperatures.  Certain hydrocarbons cause only a light surface swelling at moderate temperature.)

Water -- Moisture and water (including salt water) have no affect on HITEC.  Can be used in fresh and salt water immersion applications

Fabrication Characteristics - top

Thermoplastic preparation for assembly (welding or other fastening methods) is similar to metal fabrication procedures. Pieces are laid out, cut, machined and joined with the same tools, equipment and skills utilized in the metalworking trades. However, there are special forming requirements for thermoplastics not encountered in metal work.

Fabrication of thermoplastics includes a wide range of operations on sheet, rod, tube and special shapes to produce finished products. Fabrication involves cutting, sawing, machining, forming, joining or fastening together for the completed object. Machining may include beveling, routing, grinding, turning, milling, drilling, tapping and threading.

The degree of skill and the quality of preparatory work in layout and various machining operation on components for fit-up are very important in assuring accurate assembly and successful fabrication.

Once the different thermoplastic parts are formed into the proper shape, they may then have to be joined. The type and method of assembly depend on the function of the finished structure. The several assembly techniques include the use of adhesive bonding, self-tapping screws, threaded insets, press fitting, cold heading, heat joined (hot plate welding, hot-wire welding, induction heating hot flaring, and spin welding) cementing and hot gas welding. Each operation requires its own tools and equipment.

Standard Production Specifications

Sheet Size 48 in. x 96 in., 48 x 120 in., 60 x 120 in
Thickness .60 to 2 in
Colors -- Natural (Stock) Additional colors on request

Suicide Prevention DoorSuicide Prevention Door
Developed for Patient Human Rights surveyors to provide additional privacy.
Suicide Prevention Sink Faucet Suicide Prevention Sink Faucet
Self-closing, push-button, metered faucets water, and money.
Suicide Prevention Shower Control HandlesSuicide Prevention Shower Control Handles
Control knob is recessed, no hanging points.
Suicide Prevention Soap DispenserSuicide Prevention Soap Dispenser
Secured to the wall is virtually indestructible – Safe for the Patients
Sentinel Event Reduction DoorSentinel Event Reduction Door
the first recognized
and patented door designed with safety features to prevent inpatient suicides.

Suicide Resistant Toilet Paper DispenserSuicide Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser
One piece- impact resistant Solid Surface Material.
Life Safety Lexan Covers Life Safety Lexan Covers High-impact polycarbonate
Withstand major abuse (field tested for over 7 years)

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and MirrorsImpact Resistant Polycarbonate Light Lenses and Mirrors
We can fabricate any size.
Hospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop BoxHospital Pharmacy Drug Return Drop Box
Made of Polycarbonate - unbreakable.
Suicide Prevention Door Handles, Patient DoorsSuicide Prevention Door Handles, Patient Doors
Suicide Resistant, no hanging points.
ABS High-Impact Plumbing CoversABS High-Impact Plumbing Covers
Toilet and underneath sink plumbing covers.
Suicide Resistant Sink/ Vanity Combo Unit
Suicide Resistant Sink/ Vanity Combo Unit

LEED product, meets Federal standards.
ADA Compliant Grab BarsADA Compliant Grab Bars
For Healthcare and Correctional Facilities or Retrofit Applications
Polycarbonate Two-way MRI Warning DoorsPolycarbonate Two-way MRI Warning Doors
Doors move both directions for easy movement of patients
Precision Board - High Density UrethanePrecision Board - High Density Urethane
Sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” - Densities: 15, 18 & 30 lbs
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Acrylite AR
Acrylite Rod
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Burl Plastic Panel
Stone and Marble
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Available Grades
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